Connecting to your GA4 Property

Get setup with your Real time GA4 dashboard in no time. Follow this guide and you will be setup in less than 2 minutes.

Once you have signed up for one of the subscriptions the first thing you want to do is get your GA4 account connected. This is a straightforward process where we need to add a new user with view permissions to your GA4 Property. Follow the steps below and you will be set up in less than a minute!

Open GA4 admin

You will find the admin menu by clicking on the cog button in the bottom left-hand corner.

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Open Property Access Management

In the admin menu, you will see two menus, Account and Property. Ensure you have the property you want to connect selected in the drop-down. Click on Property Access Management.

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Add RealtimeGA4 connect user account

In order to connect to your GA4 account we need the below username account added as a viewer. This will allow our systems to sync and generate the real-time dashboard.

To do this click on the blue plus button in the top right-hand corner > Add Users > Add the email address below in the email address field > Select Viewer as the role > click Add

That’s it! Our systems start to pull through your data. To check that this is working browse to the dashboard and select the site you have just added.

If you face any issues with connecting please get in touch but submitting a support ticket via our contact page.

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